About Protech

Protech Earthing Pvt. Ltd is like an insurance for protection of property, people and equipments.The choise of earthing system can affect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the power supply.

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Chemical Earthing

Protech has a consistent track record of creating cost-effective technology-based Chemical Earthing for our clientele resulting in better process management...

Gel Earthing

Gel Earthing Electrode is totally maintenance free solution for many years and is suitable to any application required high performance earthing

Lighting Protection System

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Advance lighting protection system,Lighting Arrester,Lighting Protection System.

Copper Earthing Electrode

Copper Earthing Electrode plays a very important role in all electrical systems.We are manufacturer and exporter of copper earthing electrode.

Mission Statement

“ To become a leading Earthing solution provider by ensuring maximized ROI for our clients in the global industry through continuous investment in people, process and infrastructure. ”

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Industry Verticals That Protech Caters

What Our Client Say

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Our Product

GI Earthing Electrode

Pure Copper Lightning Arrester

17.2 Mm Copper Bonded Earthing Rod 254 Micron UL Listed

17.2 Mm Copper Bonded Earthing Rod 254 Micron

GI Wire


Earth Enhancement Compounds

Copper Earthing Electrode

PP Earthing Pit Cover

Copper Plate


copper Wire

GI Strip

Copper Strip

ESE Lightning Arrester

Spike Lightning Arrester

GI Earthing Electrode

Copper Earthing Electrode

GI Plate

17.2 Mm Copper Bonded Earthing Rod 100 Micron

Cast Iron Chamber

Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode

RCC Chamber